Nashville Software School Cohort E8

Come see us demo on August 9th!

To Zoe Ames, Lauren Rouse, and Callan Morrison:

Thank you all so much for starting us out on our journey! Your knowledge, humor, and eagerness to answer any and all questions was exactly what we needed to stay focused. You made learning fun, and you made our individual experiences your top priority. You are amazing unicorns!

To Nathan Gonzalez, Martin Cross, and Adam Wieckert:

Coming from having just finished our front end capstones, C# was strange and alien to most of us. But you guys exhibited a glacier's patience, and helped to navigate us through the murky waters that comprise .NET. And you made it fun along the way! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! And for the jokes!

To Kristin McKinney, and Ashley Canino:

If not for the pure positivity that you radiate, and for your relentless enthusiasm we would be truly helpless! When we needed a friend the most, you have been here for us. Even if it is just to talk. We thank you so much for keeping us on this path that we chose, and constantly encouraging us. You made us believe that we can do this!

To the alumni:

Thanks for coming to those common tables!! You have helped to remove so many obstacles for us after class hours, ensuring that the learning process extends well beyond the classroom.

To John Wark:

Thank you for sharing your vision. Nashville Software School has changed our lives, and none of it would have been possible without you.